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Opting for timber frame means Peter can fulfil his goal of moving into dream self-build for Christmas!

Timber Innovations is delighted that work is underway on another project at the ground-breaking Graven Hill self-build development near Bicester.


This is the third home we are involved in of the first ten being built – one of which is approaching completion, and is SIPs construction, another we supplied the floor  joists for, and the latest one, like the first, is a complete superstructure, but using timber frame as its method of construction.


Graven Hill is currently the largest opportunity in the UK for those who want to build their own home, with opportunities to create houses of all sizes. Work on the site started last Autumn, and once completed, the development will boast large open spaces and amenities.


Our latest project at Graven Hill is for IT engineer Peter Reynolds and his family, who expect to be moved in before Christmas!


“This is all very exciting for me, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to be involved with a unique project right from its outset,” said Peter, who is from Bicester. “I’ve wanted to build my own home for about 10 years now, and Graven Hill has handed me that chance right on my doorstep, so to speak.”


That desire to be moved in with his family within six months from starting the build was behind his decision to go with a timber frame construction. And Timber Innovations presence on site from the outset was what prompted Peter to make the initial contact with us.


“Timber frame is something I had long considered, but one of the most persuasive reasons for choosing it for my build was because of its speed of erection, which should take about three weeks.


“Once the frame has gone up, I can then start bringing in other contractors and subbies from the various trades, including bricklayers for the outside skin of the property, electricians, and so on,” said Peter, who is project managing the build himself.


“Timber Innovations have been a great help since I first contacted them, which I did because they’ve been involved on this site from the start, and already know all the ‘ins and outs’, the ‘whys and wherefores’, and I saw that as a big plus.


“They were also very helpful with completing the design – their architectural technician turned my design into a home ready to be built, and that input hastened the process of me getting started.


“By the time I move in, I estimate it will have taken me about 12 months from securing the plot to completion – though when I am in, there will obviously still be lots of interior jobs to complete to make the home complete, but being in will be fantastic, and as I say, it’s all very exciting.”

Among the first visitors to view the early progress of Peter’s site was Timber Innovations’ Business Development Manager Ian MacCarthy.

“Graven Hill is an enormous self-build project, and – as Peter says – a unique one, too,” he said. “Timber Innovations is delighted to have such a big presence right from the outset.


“It offers an amazing opportunity for anyone who has dreamt of designing and building their own home, and it’s in a very convenient location, just a 10 minute drive from the M40.

“We’re looking forward to being involved much more as the development continues.”

For more information about the Graven Hill development, visit the site website: www. Gravenhill.co.uk