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“A home that’s a healthy environment for our family” – Punit’s glowing endorsement for timber frame!

City worker Punit Nathwani is finally ready to move into his dream home, and delighted he chose timber frame as his primary method of construction, and Timber Innovations to oversee his self-build project.


Punit’s new home is on the periphery of Stratford upon Avon, and the project has taken him three and a half years from first starting to look for the land, to the point where he can finally move in with his young family.


“It’s all very exciting,” he said.

“It took about six months to find the land and acquire the site; we’d been looking for years, we are very familiar with Stratford upon Avon, and one day saw a ‘for sale’ sign – our journey began in Spring 2014.


“We had to go through the planning process, which took us three to four months, and then it was full steam ahead to find a company we wanted to work with, and turn our dream into a reality.


“Both me and my wife were set on a timber frame construction, and started our search for a timber frame manufacturer that could do hybrid: we wanted some oak features and conventional timber frame; so we reached out to a number of timber companies.”


Timber Innovations were recommended to Punit, and after an initial enquiry and discussion, he arranged to meet director Rob Jones at the Housebuilding and Renovation Show, at the NEC in Birmingam, where the company were exhibiting.


“What made a difference to me was that Rob had my plans with him, he’d thought about it, and really gave me his time to discuss things,” said Punit. “He spent the best part of a year helping in the planning and design process, thinking things through and making a much appreciated contribution.


“Someone prepared to give me that time and investment really made a difference, and not just that, he brought in specialist people, which was a massive help: an architect, a design team; and it was so important to have some one that understood what we wanted.”


Rob and the Timber Innovations team also put Punit in touch with a build team, and other trades people, with Jim Himmons, of Glenwood Builders recommended. “I went to see an on-going project they were doing, and they were great, so I was happy to proceed, and extremely grateful to Timber Innovations for their help and support.”


It was not all plain sailing for Punit. “Sure, there were some choppy waters,” he said. “There was plenty of negotiating with farmers over land access, and we had a problem with the gas connection which took almost a year to sort out.


“But there were no frustrations at all with the builders, who were just fantastic, and Timber Innovations were a pleasure to deal with throughout the process.”


So why timber frame? “Three things – speed, definitely.


“It’s also a flexible method of building, and a higher degree of insulation – we wanted to build a home that’s a healthy environment for our family, and timber frame allowed us to go for the highest level of insulation.


“And thirdly, flexibility: we could change the lay-out during the build process, and that meant we could have oak features in our living room, which we really wanted.”


And now the dream home is ready to become a family home. “As I say, it’s all very exciting. I can’t thank Rob and Jim and their teams enough, and I would highly recommend them to anyone, as I would timber frame for a self-build.”