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Another happy self-build customer, profiting from the working relationship between Timber Innovations and Wyckham Blackwell!

City banker Punit Nathwani is delighted he opted for timber frame as his primary method of construction, and that he chose Timber Innovations to oversee his self-build project for the superstructure package. His new family home is on the periphery of Stratford upon Avon, and the project took him three and a half years from start to finish. But now he is thrilled with
the outcome.

“My wife and I were set on a timber frame construction, and early into the self-build process started our search for a timber frame manufacturer that could do hybrid: we wanted some oak features and conventional timber frame; so we reached out to a number of timber companies,” he said.

Timber Innovations were recommended to Punit, and after an initial discussion, he arranged a meeting, knowing their link with Wyckham Blackwell for roof elements would enable a one-source solution.

“What made a difference to me was that their team had my plans with them, they’d thought about it, and really gave me their time to discuss things,” he said. “They spent the best part of a year helping in the planning and design process, thinking things through and making a much-appreciated

Timber Innovations then put Punit in touch with a build team they work with regularly, and soon after, the build process was underway.

So why timber frame? “Three things,” said Punit. “Speed definitely; probably first and foremost.

“It’s also a flexible method of building, and a higher degree of insulation – we wanted to build a home that’s a healthy environment for our family, and timber frame allowed us to go for the highest level of insulation.

“And thirdly, flexibility: we could change the lay-out during quite late into the build process, and that meant we could have oak features in our living room, which we really wanted.”

With roof component engineering direct from Wyckham Blackwell in combination with Timber Innovation’s in-house engineering and design, this ensured even the complex room-in-roof features could be created with minimal structure and maximum layout flexibility.

And thanks to Timber Innovations, the dream is now a reality.”

“I would highly recommend timber frame for a self-build, as I would Timber Innovations,” he said.

WB Timber Innovations and Wyckham Blackwell are jointly owned, with significant links to the Keystone Group. This provides Nationwide coverage with not only timberframe, SIPs – as a KinspanTEK delivery partner – and hybrid solutions, including extensive varieties of roof structural solutions, with a single-point of contact for all superstructure projects.