In the uncertain world of early project planning an accurate and adjustable cost plan is essential. But the creation of this, as a working tool, is complex and relies on the in-depth knowledge of build processes and materials that most self-builders will not be able to acquire without extensive questioning of trade documents and materials providers.

We can offer expert and experienced resources to assist with your project, specifically to arrive at a comprehensive cost plan – to cover every aspect of the project from land and Regulatory action, through costs for groundworks and drainage, superstructure costs, feature items such as oak, internal and external finishes, fit-out, mechanical and electrical trades, bought-out items including windows/doors and stairs for example, through to completion and commissioning.

For a self-builder in possession of a comprehensive cost plan for the whole project there are not only fewer unwelcome surprises, but also much greater confidence by the mortgage provider that the project is controlled and planned for efficiency.

Our specialist partners take a pride in offering the most comprehensive and accurate plan for your project.