MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery)

The combination of good thermal insulation (for low U-values and heat loss) and control over air-leakage around the whole building envelope (walls and roof areas) will always be combined with the self-build client’s requirements for a warm (or cool) living space and ventilation to keep the air fresh and remove smells and moisture.

There are Building Regulation requirements for ventilation anyway but for optimum comfort levels – especially for these low-energy buildings – it is important to consider, at design stage, the options for some form of heat recovery combined with the ventilation strategy.

Our expert partners can advise on every aspect of this combination, so that the most cost-efficient kit can be determined that will suit a client’s lifestyle and provide optimum comfort. For lower U-value buildings with minimal air-leakage this will be the only way to achieve Regulations as well as reaching the target energy efficiency levels.